Shicala's Gaian Addiction - Version 3.0

This is stuff I have purchased from mini-shop and breedables shops or stuff I have received as gifts. Please respect the fact that I purchase them and do not steal them.

I have been addicted to Gaia's minishops as far back as I can recall.
I have even over time run a few of my own, as well as a couple breedable shops.
I claim no artistic ownership to any minishop/breedable item with exception to the coloring of the Balan Levain,
minishop items watermarked with "Shicala's" to avoid theft of the items/images.

Thankyou to all the fantastic artists of Gaia who make this addiction possible

These pages are extremely graphic intense

~ Shicala ~


Previously known as Alatariel Rakamash or Kalyai or Alatariel Anwarunya or sometimes I may shop under one of my mules, Sur Journal or Levain Keeper or Surion Rakamash