Costume Gumballs

Please enjoy the second round of complimentary Halloween candy- a special MEF bag of Costume Gumballs! Here's a few helpful hints about this sweet treat:
-Each eater's physical appearance is temporarily transformed into a particular Halloween icon. The effects last for the duration of the gum's flavor, or until the gum is spit out.
-Eating multiple Costume Gumballs of the same color/type will cause the physical alteration to become more detailed and vibrant. 10% chance of temporary random mutation.
-Eating more than one color/type of Costume Gumballs at once will create a merger of the types.
-Eating all of the color variants at once will cause random types to cycle for the duration of the effect.
-Each type is unique. Every gumball will produce at least slightly different physical alterations, even if the type is the same.
-Known Costume Gumballs colors/types (1 of the 3 listed possibilities is randomly chosen when the gumball is first chewed):
Black: skeleton, lich, or zombie | Orange: random animate vegetable, random animate fruit, or random superhero | Green: random werecreature, random monster, or random animal | Purple: jester, royalty, or fairy
Brown: pirate, random historical figure, or random deity | Red: vampire, ghoul, or voodoo priest(ess) | White: ghost, angel, or demon