Critter Taffy

Please enjoy the third round of complimentary Halloween candy- a special MEF bag of Critter Taffy! Here's a few helpful hints about this sweet treat:

- Stretching a ball of Critter Taffy will cause a herd of tiny (1"-3" tall) animals to pop out. Although they look realistically like their larger counterparts- these herds are bouncy and taffy-like (and even edible). They are temporary, and last until the origin ball of Critter Taffy is eaten.
- Known Critter Taffy colors/types (40% chance of 1 of 2 critter possibilities, 20% chance of both animal possibilities in the same taffy herd, breeds are random):
Green: frogs or lizards | Brown: dogs or wolves | White: sheep or rams | Purple: octopi or squids | Black: domestic cats or wild cats